Play the Stockmarket like a fiddle - Free Online Workshop

Below : Enthusiastic profitable freebies braved the Covid-19 in Feb 2020 to learn the critical life skills to make consistently insane profits after experiencing insane profits following Sniper precision trades through free Sniper WhatsApp Broadcast.

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StockMarket Sniper

Play the Markets like a fiddle

In this workshop, Bill will share how to decipher market operator moves in US & Singapore markets with high precision & then leverage on that to produce astonishing 10- 60% returns within 5 days of entry.


☑ How to swing trade together with the market operators to improve the risk & reward over simply buy & hold
☑ How to do BREAKOUTS in a low risk manner
☑ How to do KEY REVERSALS in any timeframe
☑ How to play CONTRA without putting money upfront
☑ How to leverage on the new found precision with warrants, CFDs. DLCs, options etc


Then to walk the talk, Bill invites the audience to join for free his Free Snipers broadcasts through WhatsApp, to witness what insane precision and returns can be achieved with his LIVE market predictions.

Seminar Details

Date: 14th Dec 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Fee: $5/pax (Snacks will be provided)
Venue 50 Raffles Place #01-01, Singapore Land Tower, S048623


Free Sniper Calls - Seeing LIVE is Believing

“Mind blowing to see how Bill predict every market turn and every market-turning Trump tweet just 1-2 days before it happens, in a free chatroom” – Ronny Chay, experienced trader in stocks, options, index futures and forex
“Amazing to witness his live predictions, his live entries riding to live exits, making instant profits on almost every trade – stocks, Indices, warrants, options etc Best of all, we can follow his live trade and make real money from his calls without signing up course” – Cindy Tan, forex trader
“I witness Bill’s free sniper calls return 20-100% within days before I even sign up for anything” – Hazel Ho, course junkie
“Watching free sniper calls is a no brainer - much better than watching hours of motivational preaching & selling at free previews from many educators I have seen. Can learn to make real money from the former but never the latter” – Linda Tan, futures trader
“Amazed at how bill catches key reversals, his HSI calls is mind blowing” – WenXu Ho
“As the quote from Euripides goes, 'Time will explain it all' . Just join the chat group and let time reveal to you his credibility” – Edmund Lew

About Bill - Stock Market Sniper

Embrace Greed with Precision

Bill Eng is a self-made millionaire stockmarket speculator, an award-winning physicist from Cambridge & fintech entrepreneur who cracked the secret code of Wall Street with precision solutions.
He has received fintech awards from MAS, top Swiss/Euro/USA banks & asset/wealth management industry. He has been invited to ICC (HK) & Wall St (NYC) to share his views with financially savvy audience coming from Goldman Sachs, UBS, CS, JPMC, hedge funds etc
Bill is featured in Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, media of wealth/asset management industry, and locally via InvestFair, Traders Fair, local brokerages etc
Bill approached the markets uniquely from a pure game-theoretic approach - that of reading market operator vs public mind-set through the charts and applying the laws of supply/demand in price action.
Over the past years, in public forums & student chatrooms & his popular yet exclusive Free Snipers WhatsApp broadcast, Bill was able to make calls on major turning points and breakouts in the US and local markets with unprecedented accuracy & prescience that allowed him and his followers to reap insane profits from the ensuing market swings - precise bottoms or tops to many stocks and indexes which continue to amaze and draw a big public following, including top traders & hedge funds.